What to look for in a Concert Production Company

It’s extremely thrilling to know that we’re allowed to hit full capacity limits for concerts as the pandemic loosens. Just imagine how concerts will be as concert organizers transition back to sold-out venues with revellers prepared to make new memories. This is an exciting time, hence finding the right concert production company will be essential for the next blockbuster event!

The experts at AV Creation Group have the people, expertise and experience required when managing and producing the perfect concert. Regardless if it’s indoors or outdoors, we have handled concert production in various forms. The following are vital areas when choosing the right company to partner with.

The Best Audio Technology

You can’t have an incredible concert without the right audio systems. We use the latest and best audio technology which is fitted for any venue, concert hall and outdoor venues. Our usage of technology will satisfy the featured band to ensure it amplifies to keep your crowd on their feet. We understand crowds get loud and excited; hence audio technology is extremely vital.

Extravagant Lighting and Effects

We enhance the experience of a concert with brilliant lighting. Every artist, group and band are different, and we provide custom lighting solutions to fit their genre. We can keep the lighting calm or up-tempo to cater to the entire experience. This includes dramatic special effects which will impress the audience and even the featured talent. We bring the vision to life!

Extravagant Stage Designs

Lighting and sound are extremely important, but the entire concert experience starts at the stage. The stage is the main focal point, and the right organization is needed to ensure the concert is seamless. Stage design needs to be fitting for the featured talent so they put on an unforgettable performance. Our team is capable to provide the most complex stage designs which will enhance the overall concert performance.

Video Projections

We don’t limit concert production to the stage, we provide a holistic view to the audience for an amazing experience. We bring your audience closer to the talent with projection technology so their experience is not compromised. Our video team creates a dramatic effect by capturing the fine details with video and angle switching. We ensure the entire concert is captured so we have you ready for an on-demand concert experience.

Self Managed Solutions – Equipment Rentals

If you already have a team to manage your concert production, we can help with equipment rental services. It’s important to have your team equipped with impressive sound, lighting, video and other audio-visual components to make your event successful. Our expert technicians have a variety of options that are suited to your needs.

Why Choose AV Creation Group?

AV Creation Group has over 10 years of experience when handling concert production throughout the United States. We have a track record in working with large-scale venues along with some of the most respected artists in the world. Contact us for a consultation so we can make your next concert unforgettable!