What should you Look for in Wedding DJ Services?

As an organizer, you need to make sure that your guests do not get bored at the wedding party.

Most couples in DC attribute around 90% of their wedding reception success to mobile DJs. And
why not – there is nothing better than having a wedding DJ from Washington DC to entertain
the crowd. Yet, most couples spend 5% or even less of the budget on entertainment.

No, you don’t need to spend all your wedding budget on a concert sound system.

What Should You Look In a DJ for Wedding Reception

1. Learn what to look for and where

The best option is to go with a DJ who mainly plays at weddings. These professionals are familiar with reception parties’ timings and vibrance and more likely to deliver an impressive performance.

For instance, they might surprise the crowd by playing an emcee to make announcements and engage with them. You may do regular web searching or ask for recommendations from other vendors to find a skilled DJ. Or, you may avail yourself of the all-inclusive wedding packages in Virginia.

2. Listen to samples

Once you have found the perfect DJ for a wedding reception, you should go through their earlier performances. The DJ presents you with a portfolio- which is excellent. If not, you shall ask for any sample playlist, a mixtape, or a live performance recording.

If the music quality matters to you, hear as many samples as possible before hiring. You need to make sure the DJ can effectively cater to your guests.

3. Verify your “playlist and ‘do not play” list

If you plan to hire a DJ, you must have also thought about what music is to be played at the wedding. In case you did not prepare a playlist, do it before hiring a DJ. Discuss your playlist with the DJs and ensure they can and willing to follow it. Not all genres could be appropriate for your wedding. Keep in mind, a professional DJ will have this a part of their process.

We recommend preparing a ‘do not play list’ to prevent any unwanted music at the party.

4. Ask them how they interact with the crowd

When you are hiring a DJ, no doubt that you want them to be involved in making your reception
memorable. To ensure that happens, do not forget to ask your DJs how they get the crowd

What can you ask:

  • How do you get people on the floor if they seem reluctant?
  • Are you willing to play on guests’ requests?
  • Are you willing to perform as an emcee and interact with the crowd?

Why Should You Hire AV Creation Group for Your

Professional DJs go far beyond just playing music. They interact with the crowd, entertain them, and make necessary announcements engagingly.

Most DJs play an anchor at a wedding reception, who keeps track of timelines and ensures each
performance is on time. And they set the stage for other events too. Regardless, AV Creation Group is well equipped for your wedding, and our wedding DJ services are the most respected throughout Virginia and DC.

AV Creation Group specializes in bringing you the finest DJs from all over the US to make your event really shine. Whether it is a wedding, a birthday, a bar/bat mitzvah, a family, or a corporate event, our DJs will make sure that your guests are happy, and the event will be a blast!

Our team can provide you with Arabic, Latin, Persian, Indian, and American music DJs. If you have a special need, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our DJs are among the highest rated in the country.