What Makes A Great Wedding DJ?

Everyone wants the perfect playlist for their wedding. A wedding reception is among the most memorable moments of your big day, and you’ll indeed aim for perfection. Finding the best wedding DJ in Washington DC is the best way to ensure that.

However, a wedding DJ does more than play songs and lit the mood. Their skillset can be surprisingly intricate, and a bad DJ can tarnish the most crucial moment in your life.

Showmanship talent

The first crucial skill is reading your crowd. A DJ’s job isn’t only to space out while waiting for the playlist to end or a request to come. Professional wedding DJs are always looking at the crowd to find the best songs for the moment.

If everyone’s grabbing their drinks and laughing, a slow ballad won’t be better than an energizing dance piece. Having an eye for these details is among the vital DJ skills.

Extensive experience

Every client is different. Some people like to keep their weddings calm and chatty. Others want their reception to be the party of their lives. A DJ that’s worked with multiple clients and events can adapt to different tastes.

When choosing a wedding DJ in Washington DC, ask about their experience. You’ll often find that someone who’s only worked in weddings might fall short. Performing in nightclubs and parties on the side can prove invaluable.

Outstanding music knowledge

We’re not talking about understanding scales, harmony, and other musical intricacies. However, your DJ should know enough about every genre to please everyone—at least what you like.

Knowing the favorite names in every genre goes a long way to make everyone happy. The same holds for knowing the difference between jazz and bossa nova or salsa and cumbia.

Prominent track library

To build on the previous skill, your DJ must have enough tunes in their library to please everyone. There’s usually at least one guest who wants to hear something different from what’s been playing throughout the night.

Their library should reflect their knowledge. Even if most of your wedding will focus on calm blues and jazz tunes, it never hurts to have a few EDM tracks—just in case.

Personalized services

Your wedding DJ shouldn’t force you to adapt to their library. They must be able to customize their playlist according to what you and your guests want to hear.

DJs surely know what works on certain occasions, but they should never say their word is the law.

Adapting to the wedding phases

Finally, your wedding DJ in Washington DC must read your wedding’s stage and play the right songs.

That means knowing when the toasts will begin and when to continue. Playing the right songs at all times is invaluable to keep guests entertained. For that to happen, DJ’s need to know who the audience is, feel the pulse and know the genre well.

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