What Makes a Great Corporate and Wedding Planner?

We now have countless corporate events and wedding planners to fit your bill. However, choosing the right one for your needs is not an easy task. You need to keep an eye for a range of qualities that contribute to a successful event.

Here is what makes a wedding planner Virginia and corporate event planner Virginia worthy of your consideration.

Varied Exposure

Whether it’s a wedding or a product launch, your event planner needs to have the right exposure. They should be experienced in working with different businesses, especially those in your industry. If it’s your wedding, a planner who has worked with versatile clients is more likely to understand your needs and unique preferences.

So, a corporate event and wedding planner must have broad exposure.


You don’t want your event or wedding to be dull and the same as everyone else. Your planner must come with creative thinking to plan and arrange innovative events. They should be able to make your day special and create long-lasting memories in every guest’s mind.

Additionally, a planner with a creative touch can make your event stand out.

Problem Solving Skills

Life is unpredictable, and things don’t always work out as planned. As a result, any event planner must solve problems quickly to ensure the success of an event.

Let’s say you plan for an outdoor and open-air wedding day. However, rains play a spoilsport on a fateful day and put your plans into question.

An expert event planner would develop solutions on the spot and try to keep your plans as intact as possible.

Networking Skills

Your event or wedding planner should be able to provide you all the resources you need for your event. DJs, caterers, lighting equipment, audio equipment- you need a range of resources for a gala event.

A planner who has a large network will help you avail of all resources. You will not need to search around or look for chefs or audio technicians yourself. The process will help you save your effort and even the time to arrange all requirements.

Highly Organized

Planning and carrying out an event as per plan is not that easy. You need to deal with many people and agencies to ensure a successful event. Additionally, you need to keep countless things in mind, like:

●  Paying all vendors on time and keeping track of payments
●  Ensuring all equipment is returned without damage
●  Looking after the menu and overall food services
●  Managing guest list and sending invites

You need a highly organized planner for your wedding or corporate event to get the best results.

Attention to Detail

A wedding or event planner needs to have a fine eye for details. From your décor to music preference, small things add up to ensure the success of an event. So, make sure you go for a wedding planner Virginia and corporate event planner Virginia that is detail-oriented.

Choose AV Creation Group

AV Creation Group is masters at crafting unique and splendid events. We can make your corporate event a charm and help you win more businesses. Our planners can make your wedding memorable and create lifelong memories you will always want to cherish. Contact us today to tell us your needs.