How to Find The Best Company For Corporate Events

The pre-pandemic world saw over thousands of in-person meetings each day.

Planning a corporate event requires a certain level of expertise and management experience – especially post-COVID. To find the best event planners in DC, you need to focus on the basics.

For instance, there can be thousands of guests in a corporate event, including business owners, managers, employees, and other VIPs. So, you need corporate event planning in DC done right.

Whether a small meeting or a grand annual program, all companies want guests to love the setup and ambiance from a corporate events planner.

So, how do you go about corporate event management in the DC region?

How to Choose the Right Company for Corporate Events

Before hiring any professional, look at the event production company team.

1. Whether they specialize in corporate event management

As you are planning a corporate event, the company you hire must have experience organizing events for several enterprises.

Planning a corporate event is different from a wedding or a private party. Most event companies will be interested in taking on the job for you, but some of them might have prior experience only in planning weddings and cultural events.

If you hire them, you can notice several issues while planning and setting up the event.

2. Are they experienced?

Usually, corporates events are large-scale and hard to manage. There are so many small elements to take care of that organizers may overlook a few of them.

You do not want to create errors in a corporate event that your company is hosting.

Experienced event organizers will have testimonials and case studies from former clients and catalogs to showcase the planned and managed events, the last thing you want.

Furthermore, many companies have switched to virtual events during COVID. The right company has the infrastructure to host both in-person and virtual events in a seamless manner. Their experience in technology plays a huge factor.

3. Who are their suppliers?

You can learn a lot about an event management company by observing other companies they work with.

What venues do they offer? Which catering companies do they use?

If the catering and other companies your event organizers work with are reputed and have delivered quality projects, it’s going to be easier for you. The association of the corporate planner means a lot since it signifies quality in what they’re delivering.

4. Do they have proper insurance?

Most people tend to overlook insurance while hiring event organizers, but it is something you cannot ignore.

Event management companies have two types of insurance:

Public Liability Insurance:
It protects all the members and their belongings against any damage.

Professional Indemnity Insurance:
It helps you reimburse if the organizers fail to conduct the event.

Any reputed and authentic event management company shall have both these insurances and willing to show you relevant documents on request. You need to ensure you’re fully protected when hiring a corporate event planner.

5. How professional are they?

Remember that the event organizers will be working for a few weeks to set up your corporate event. It is all included within the contracts that they offer.

At the end of the day, you want to ensure you’re fully satisfied in what they deliver. Having recap discussions with your corporate event planner is essential since your company might host several events a year. Why not retain the same company who provided you stellar service?

Finally, the post-COVID world is different.

Has the event planning company implemented new changes so that guests are safe? It could be implementing enhanced cleanliness measures or new rules to adhere to local regulations. Don’t forget to ask about it.

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