House of Worship AV Installs

Each week millions of Americans gather to worship and celebrate their faith. The church sanctuary is a sacred location representing hope, peace, love, and safety. A church building is usually uniquely designed for each congregation. Some are small and cozy, while others are designed to seat thousands. The modern church integrates custom audio and video to help worshipers engage in music and teaching.

Places of Worship play more than one role within the communities they serve. Primarily designed to bring people closer to God, they are often the center of the community serving the spiritual needs and providing support.

Historically they have also been status symbols reflecting the wealth and power of the region in which they stand. They remain an important resource today and a relic of our past and deserve to be maintained as such. At AV Creation Group, we understand the importance of sound, Video and Lighting quality, while still maintaining the aesthetics of these beautiful buildings.

An install in a church requires experience and custom system design skillset. Many churches stream services to other rooms on campus, or online. Audio and video integration is an essential tool for modern church infrastructure.

There are a host of factors to consider when thinking through church facilities such as ceiling height, wall type, sight lines, microphone types, speakers, screen and display placement. The list doesn’t stop there.

AV Creation Group, will Analyse, Design, Install and Support a custom AV system for your church . We will train your staff to use the system and perform most of the functions from a control board.. After an install is complete, we provide you documentation with all the components installed and label all cables with the proper IP addresses and components.

At AV creation Group we offer support service contracts to maintain and proactively fix any issues that may come up. This service guarantees business uptime and is eligible for our 24/7 support center.

Church AV Equipments - AVC
Church AV Equipments - AVC