Fashion Shows: The Importance of Audio and Visuals

When we think of fashion shows, we immediately think of the glamour of stunning models, brilliant attire, superior production and the total ambiance of a great event. An interesting thing to point out, is that whenever you attend a fashion show, a venue is nearly transformed to fit the logistics of a fashion event.

It’s amazing how a venue transitions, but this cannot be done without the production and experience of a top-tier AV (audio visual) company. Famous fashion shows hosted by New York Fashion Week, Met Gala, Victoria’s Secret and many more have gained a solid reputation, not only from their brand but from the audio visual that was put into them.

Below are some essentials that make a fashion show second to none:

Stage Production

The stage production is extremely critical when producing a fashion show. You need the right floor plan to determine where the catwalk is, and how it can be easily accessed by the models. The backstage is an element of surprise for the audience; hence the model’s stage access cannot be obstructed. This is very important.

Working with the right AV company will work closely with your event planner to ensure the floor plan is properly executed while ensuring your guests are fully aware of the event logistics.


You can’t have a fashion show without making the audience excited. As the models ‘slay’ the runway, you need to have an impeccable sound system to keep the event upbeat. A fashion show is an event that is supposed to be full of energy, hence it’s critical to work with the right sound technicians.

In many cases, fashion shows could be held at complex event venues that require the best sound quality. For example, if a fashion show is featured outside, it would require different equipment for indoor sound production. Working with the right AV professionals will ensure sound quality is not compromised so the event is unforgettable!

Lighting and Visuals

Lights, camera, action! Even though it sounds cliché, there’s a tremendous meaning behind it when working with a qualified AV production company. A high-ticket fashion show is incomplete without brilliant lighting to bring out the dramatic effects. Furthermore, each brand should be showcased with integrity by having its logo prominently displayed on an LED wall.

Large event? No problem! Hiring the best AV company will effectively leverage a projector so the entire venue can see every angle of the stage. This can also be used for live casting to showcase the fashion show to a remote audience.

The elements discussed brings you peace of mind about why a top-tier AV company is a backbone for any fashion show, both large and intimate. Our specialists at AV Creation Group have nearly 15 years of experience that will turn your fashion show into an unforgettable experience!