AV Mastery When Designing, Building, Planning, and Installing.

AV Creation Group

At AV Creation Group, we ensure that every event is unique. Bringing our clients’ vision to reality is always our priority when managing world-class events. This mindset allowed us to become the most trusted provider of audio-visual equipment installation throughout the United States.

From the studio to the venue – sound, lighting, and projection, has never been compromised, especially with our knowledge and experience with the most cutting-edge AV technology. We help customize, program, and install audio, video, lighting, and acoustics solutions for projects of any size. Our technicians are dedicated to bringing out creativity while closely with our clients. We put them first!

Technology is rapidly evolving within the audio-visual realm. From mixers to boom boxes and DJ consoles, our equipment is always reliable with superior quality to ensure our clients are not disappointed. It reflects our dedication to keeping up with the innovations in technology while enduring foundational commitment to detail, quality, and service. We pride ourselves in being the backbone of innovation with audio-visual projects.

Our AV installation process works with the most skilled and experienced tech teams to ensure an unforgettable experience. Choose AV Creation Group if you need impressive service, quality equipment, and an unforgettable experience.

How Our AV Installation Process Works


Our experts meet with you to learn more about your project to effectively create a game plan on implementing within your venue. From there, we create a comprehensive proposal based on our analysis to ensure your needs will be fully met. We stick to an effective process.

Design and Engineering

After evaluating your space, our expert engineers will create a system that truly meets each need of your venue. Once we understand your brand, we execute within our technological expertise.


We’ll implement your solution according to the highest industry standards with our in-house ANSI CTS certified technicians. If suitable, our team processes personal requests and recommendations based on our initial consultation.

Our Technicians are the Best in the Business!

Our skilled technicians and engineers are professionals and are capable to install AV equipment in the most complex areas. They help you with everything from the AV components to the system controllers while managing the software that integrates it all. Furthermore, we optimize our installation tactics to ensure the best quality.

Commercial AV Installation

We understand that obtaining custom commercial AV systems can be challenging. It is in your best efforts to rely on an expert like AV Creation Group to help make the installation process seamless. We have a track record in working with commercial establishments on a large scale and effectively enhanced their AV experience which has been a turnkey solution for their business.

Integrating new A/V components into existing systems can be a complicated task. With so many different variables involved, professional help is almost always necessary. AV Creation group offers phone and on-site support to assist your needs. In addition, we also provide remote access to adapt to the current state of the world.

Our team consists of seasoned professionals who listen to your needs and work with you to provide the most satisfactory results. We help you determine the scope of work and implement the changes necessary to install your new system. Our tech staff ensures to integrate everything correctly, making our systems easy to operate.

We at AV Creation Group understand your unique technological needs. Our team is skilled with commercial establishments and is ready t assist you. Contact us for a free consultation today.


Whether you are looking for Digital signage, Point of Sale Stations, Conference Room & integration systems, VoIP telephony, or any IT infrastructure build & support. we can help meet your needs.

House of Worship

Clear sound and visuals are crucial in today’s worship services and religious education. AV Creation Group can help you develop a church audio visual solution using technology to aid in delivery of any message to your community.

Hotels & Resorts

AV Creation Group offers a comprehensive suite of audio-visual services and technologies for hotels and resorts. We work with you to understand your vision, meet your needs, and overcome challenges with a big picture outlook. Your goals are our goals.

Restaurants & Clubs

Every step of the way, you’ll be working closely with a person you trust and understands what you hope to achieve. We’ll hear you out, and help design a product or service that fits your project in mind. Remote AV Support is a unique service that is available.